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Burning Through Pages is a  501(c)3

Reading is good.  Reading is important.  Reading sparks creativity and a willingness to think in new directions.  It keeps our brains from turning to mush and even helps us discover what we don’t know about ourselves.  Reading is especially important for teens. Every book they read shapes their mindset and their future - we help them see how that is possible. In a time of overwhelming technology and mindless entertainment, we want to get books into the hands of young adults based on what they love and are passionate about, in the hope that they will become active readers and find sanctuary in the limitless stories and ideas found in literature.

Burning Through Pages is a Denver-based non-profit organization that gets kids involved in book clubs through their after school programs or other kid-based organizations. Our volunteers read with the kids and have hilarious conversations about the books we're reading. We want to help kids experience literature on whatever level makes them comfortable, excited and reading, reading, reading!  We actually buy the books for the kids and if they love them, they KEEP them – and no, we are not joking.

To the kids out there: 

Being a teenager sucks...It sucks less with good books.  Write to us and tell us which books make your life awesome.  We're always looking for new books to recommend, so just click this nifty link - Write to Us!

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