We have a very straightforward Mission Statement: Burning Through Pages provides literature, resources, and time to youth organizations in an effort to foster communities of great readers and inspired thinkers. Burning Through Pages is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based out of Denver, CO dedicated to the advocacy of reading and writing for our city's youth. With our mission statement in mind, we partner with various after school programs, nonprofits, and schools to provide both people and resources at no cost. We introduce literature to Denver's at-risk youth. We buy books, give them away, and take the time to talk about them. There are no quizzes, just conversations. If you like the book then keep it, and there'll be another one waiting for you. If an adoration of reading grows in those we serve then we have fulfilled our mission. It's not what you read that is of importance to us, it's that you enjoy whatever it is that keeps you burning through pages. Thanks for stopping by.