An Actual Update: Our People.

Good (Time of Day) All, 

The words here are not current, but dated. They're relevant, but not timely. Still, everything here is earnest. 

In the past few years since this organization was founded amazing things have been accomplished, and very few of them have had anything to do with myself. 

This little charity, that was brought about in a tiny coffee shop, has attracted the most amazing individuals as volunteers. Each of them deserves more spotlight and recognition than I'm capable of putting into words. Each deserves words that and if done right, they'd turn a little red. That way I'd know the chosen phrases achieved a small percentage of accuracy. These souls have given thousands of hours (yes I just ran the math to make sure I'm not exaggerating) reading with children, fundraising to ensure that those same youth have access to books, setting up partnerships with after school programs and local public schools, planning events, designing marketing and then implementing images and words to tell our story, begging and pleading for donations, conversing with fans, and over all not just believing that books/literature/people can shape a better world for youth at-risk, but working towards it.  

For this they've given up time spent with family, vacations (and used vacation time to volunteer), happy hours, school projects, sleep, sometimes portions of their sanity, and spent their own funds on gas and food just at the chance to better the world.

And I think they're all liars. 

It's a mean thing to say, but I think this because when I talk to them they tell me they don't do that much. So either they're lying to me, or they're not aware how impressive their work is. 

They are the upstart organization that created a viral marketing campaign, that has created an office out of nothing (even if it's located above a dive bar and doesn't even have a coffee pot), a group that has helped to distribute thousands of books (yup, did the math again), and can be measured more accurately in how much we care, more than dollars in our tiny bank account. That's what these people have created and I'm very lucky to work for them. This is a belated public thank you to the individuals who are tweaking the world to their own view, for the better. They've inspired awe in me, which is why most should be aware that they're awesome. 


Thank you, 

Evin W. Moore - The guy who is lucky to just be around people of this quality.