Batter Up

Sadly, we're not allowed to procrastinate anymore. The site's going live, the first event is getting set up as we speak, heck we even have a facebook page now. And really, what's more official than a facebook page? For me, this is a moment that a slew of people have helped set into motion, and any words I choose wouldn't be significant enough to tell them how much I've appreciated everything. I figure this notion has a slim to nil chance of panning out, but the idea of not setting up an organization like this seemed so wrong on so many levels. I'd actually be an iota surprised if anyone ever reads this post, but saying it again for those in the cheap seats, not trying would have been a travesty.  I'm more of a reader than a writer so I'll stop here while I'm ahead, or at least only mildly behind. Here we go, batter up!