Boys and Girls Club Partnership


We're very proud to announce today that we at Burning Through Pages have partnered up with The Denver Broncos Boys and Girls Club to provide students who have a yearning to read the books they love to burn through!


Here it is, our new site!

It looks pretty freaking brilliant in our humble opinion! Albeit, we’re biased on two fronts 1: It’s our new site and 2: we’re book people, not IT people, so when they told us that the site looked amazing we simply believed them.  

A very big, and we mean HUGE special thanks to Darius Alavi who spent no shortage of time, and money in making this new site a reality.

Really Darius, you’re amazing and we cannot thank you enough.

Spelling Bee(r), a success story!

It almost didn’t happen. I was almost a disaster.

There were last minute changes that we thought were going to bring the house of cards down…

Do you like my dramatization?

Honestly, there were some setbacks but thanks to the enormous support of the friends, family, and the community; Spelling Bee(r) was a success.

Thank you to all who took time out of your day to drink for the children, seriously!

Stay tuned for the next event as I guarantee it will be a good one…



Boozing For Books

Thank you to everyone who showed up to support our cause last Sunday. The event was a much so that we'll be doing it again! How can you not want to donate to charity when all you have to do is drink a beer?
Stay tuned for details to come.
Also, you can now follow us on Twitter: check it out in our contact section.

Batter Up


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