Boys and Girls Club Partnership


We're very proud to announce today that we at Burning Through Pages have partnered up with The Denver Broncos Boys and Girls Club to provide students who have a yearning to read the books they love to burn through!

We'll be sending down volunteers to work with the dedicated staff twice a week, assisting in the orchestration of a youth book club. All of the books will be donated to the individual adolescents so they can take the bound pages home and truly make them their own. The first set of books that will be given to the youth in need is The Hunger Games Trilogy, and all of us here are beyond excited to be working with such a steadfast and amazing organization that has made an inspired difference in The Denver Metro area for fifty plus years.


Here’s to starting 2012 off right!


Thank you all again for your support and we’ll keep you posted.


-Evin W. Moore